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Private Internet Access VPN ist mittlerweile schon seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Markt und ist einer der wenigen VPN-Dienste, der für seine Zuverlässigkeit, Privatsphäre und Sicherheit hoch angesehen wird. Der VPN-Dienst hat in den letzten Jahren viele gemischte Bewertungen erhalten.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

This is the most disapointing thing about Private Internet Access. When I wanted to contact them, the link only took me to the help center. It was not helpful at all. Only the ticket system works.
As much as the policy says that log and other details are not stored. I wonder how they send me thee promotional emails and the confirmation notices. Anybody with a clue?
Private Internet Access does not provide torrenting services. This is a great limitation to the customers in the modern world. It really dissapointed me. More so, servers in Asia seemed very slow.
Although the VPN states that my privacy is their top priority. I still experienced speed issues.
This vpn is compatible with a variety of other operating systems. For instance when I used it on my Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices. They all worked excellently. This is an amazing feature.
I really enjoyed the strong and customization encryption options, great features.  When I had of it at fast I thought it was a joke. After using it I felt so satisfied. Great services.
When I tried to stream my favorite video from this vpn, it was very good. Compared to the other vpns. This is the best in terms of speed, no buffering.
From the word go, Private Internet Access does not give details about speed. It is a fact that their speed is slow. More improvements should be done here.
It is very simple and clear to join this platform. When my brother told me about it, I thought it was going to be difficult. However, when I decided to join, it turned out to be the simplest process.

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