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IPjetable ist ein Frankreich-basierter VPN, der schon seit 2009 auf dem Markt ist. Während viele VPNs gut starten und dann nach einiger Zeit verschwinden, waren Ipjetable sehr kontinuierlich präsent. Alle VPNs können die Basis-Dienste, wie das Verbergen von IPs oder die Entsperrung beschränkter Inhalte anbieten, doch es braucht schon einen besonderen VPN, um mehr als die Basics anzubieten.

Max Ostryzhko

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No third parties participate in the process of data security. So I fearless know that there is no interference into my private life. Very encouraging.
The process of client account registration is easy and safe enough. This is because no additional personal data is required. The subscription process is pretty easy and time-saving.
The company does not offer us the kill switch option. As we all know, this is a very powerful feature in this Industry. I will not tolerate this, they must just indroduce it please.
Despite the fact that their privacy policy is written in French. They do have the no logs policy. This left me wondering so much, if it is not one of the best.
When talking about packages it should be mentioned that the price is comparatively low. Which helps me save some money. Thank you IPjetable VPN.
Since the only language they are using is French, it is not easy to navigate the website. However they still do have a chance to improve on this.
The company has done very little in terms of providing enough servers to us. They only operate in 1 country. This is total jokes. Not acceptable at all.
IPjetable’s Privacy Policy is written in French so the common user (Only English speaking people) might not be in a position to understand it vary well. They have to offer the English version.
I was only able to contact the support team via email. Why don't they have a live chat, phone services?

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