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Doublehop VPN: Bietet er wirklich ein grenzenloses VPN-Erlebnis?

Doublehop ist ein relativ neuer und kleiner VPN-Anbieter, der sich auf darauf konzentriert, die Sichtweise der Nutzer auf VPN-Dienste zu verändern. Das Unternehmen bietet erfolgreich einfache und unkomplizierte VPN-Lösungen.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I am Russian and well this is the best VPN I can recommend for everyone who is in a country which has blocked sites. The privacy offered is incredible and there is no way one can be traced down. Tho there is little information about the vpn and doesn’t have a live chat.
Bypassing restrictions and accessing Geo-restrictions was no issue at all the problem came when the servers could not actually support P2P.Browsing tho and streaming was not bad.
I like the features offered in this website. Its very simple to understand and work with. The speed seems good too but I don’t use bitcoin so there is no way I cant access this vpn.
I love getting promos during holidays from this VPN. Using Doublehop VPN just is great. My privacy is sort. I especially love the part where the VPN collects emails only for payments and reminders for expirations.
when I have company around, I can share this vpn with upto 5 people. It covers my torrenting needs and also gives me access to watch Hulu and Youtube which I love so much.
.l Have been looking for a completely secure server until I came across this amaizing vpn. I can 100% say that the privacy policy is off the chain. I don’t have to worry when I am working on different websites since no logging is ...Weiterlesen
I tried using the VPN, shockingly it only offers about 6 servers with only 5 countries around the world. The speed is also way to slow for me. I have experinced a lot of buffering while watching youtube.
Choosing to use has worked for me. Its simple use and doesn’t compromise on one's privacy.its really affordable and I can use public wifi with no stress.
Doublehop VPN doesn’t offer a kill switch feature. This is very scary due to the work I am doing. I can not risk my work as it very sessitive to any leaks.

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